It’s fall—a season of plodding down Locust Walk in a turtleneck as you shiver and clutch your arms closer towards you, of the leaves on the trees in College Green turning brown and withering, of the pastel–grey sky draining of sunlight, of rain, returning to campus, and midterms. It’s easy to feel fatigued in the fall, the chilliness sucking the energy out of you. The desire to let your music consumption be entirely composed of study playlists that fade into the background and songs you’ve already listened to a hundred times is tantalizing. Instead, here’s some music that mirrors the season’s autumnal vibes while cheering you up on that cloudy September afternoon.

This playlist features everything from soul and jazz to rock and hip hop. Nothing’s more strangely apt than “Fall in Philadelphia” by Hall & Oates, the tongue–in–cheek soft rock ballad about resigning oneself to another Philly autumn. The lyrics “I'm gonna spend another Fall In Philadelphia / A roving band of youths beat up on Johnny / Everybody's gettin' richer sellin' that dope” may be a downer, but the upbeat guitar riffs and tight drumbeat will remind you of the vibrancy we have in this city of 1.5 million. Traveling down a path—physically or figuratively—doesn’t have to be boring: “I–69” by Roman GianArthur is an innovative R&B song with a groovy bass line, perfect for a long strut down Locust Walk.  Finally, make sure to check out “Blue Boss” by Sampa the Great, who raps over a Spanish flamenco guitar sample while delivering a lyrically intricate flow about her struggle to succeed. 

Bundle up and let these picks, along with many others, invigorate you. 


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