With the wind whipping up and leaves changing colors, it can only mean one thing: football season is upon us. Whether it’s Sunday game day or Monday and Thursday Night Football, football fans can be seen throughout the week eagerly hoping to see their team add another win to their season record. If you aren’t lucky enough to score tickets to watch the game live, don't worry – recreate the stadium–size atmosphere in your own room by hosting a viewing party for your friends. Here's how to make your football–watching experience a little more exciting.

Donning the Appropriate Attire

It’s one thing to just be watching the game on the common room couch, but if you really want to get that stadium level spirit, it all starts with gear. Don your favorite team's logo, whether it be on your favorite player’s jersey, on pajama pants, or even a hat, to support your team. No one can say that you and your friends aren't true fans when you're rooting for your team while decked out in their colors. 

The Snacks

Watching football can take a LOT of energy out of you, so make sure that you have the proper snacks in order to keep you and your friends energized throughout the game. Have an essential bowl full of chips like Cool Ranch Doritos, Hint of Lime Tostitos, and Wavy Lays (because, let’s be real, they’re better than the original), but also make sure that with the proper chips come the proper dips. Stack up on salsas, guacamole, and bean dips as well, but also don’t be afraid to try your hand at making your own homemade dips such as 7–Layer Dip or Buffalo Chicken Dip. With good food comes good times, after all.

The Games You Get to Play

While you may be watching the game, that doesn’t mean the players should be the ones to have all the fun. Add another dimension of fun to the viewing experience with booze.

Start out with some basic drinking games such as taking a sip every time a first down is achieved, two sips after a timeout or flag is called, and finishing your drink anytime a coach challenges a play. 

Feel free to come up with your own rules as well, such as taking three sips for each cheerleader caught smiling at the camera, or finishing two drinks if the opposing team returns a kickoff for a touchdown. So crack open a beer or whatever your preferred poison to make your game day more interactive.

Commercial Breaks

However, there's also no need for alcohol to have fun at your viewing party—initiate fun party games during commercial breaks, such as “Never Have I Ever” or “Red Flag or Dealbreaker.” You can even crack open Twister or Pictionary to bring out your competitive side, and before you know it, the game will be back on. You’ll have totally forgotten that there were commercials in the first place and get right back into the action of the game.

Utilize these party tips and watch as your viewing party becomes the true win of the day.