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Letter from the Editor

Letter from the Editor 08.28.2019

This is actually a letter from the editor's mom. Do with that what you will.

Annabelle hula hooping.jpg
Photo: Sheila Williams

Welcome back! This is Annabelle, Street's editor–in–chief, interrupting your regularly scheduled programming to bring you a letter from the editor from a different editor, one whose near–constant guidance has gotten me this position and everything else in my life. Meet Sheila Williams, here with some motherly advice for the start of the semester and more than a few embarrassing stories from my childhood. Enjoy this first issue and this first week of classes. 

Pitch accepted. Yay, for me! Uh, but now the pressure is on. I’ll do my best and even if it’s not perfect, I imagine the Editor will give me a hand in making it perfect, so here goes.  

We recently transferred years’ worth of family photographs to Google photos, and one of my kids has been occupying herself poring over the cache, laughing at funky outfits and hairdos, asking what someone was thinking when he/she made “that face” and just plain reminiscing about times gone by. One memorable picture that seems to have eluded the digital leap to Google is one we all recalled with fondness, if not outright delight. I decided to go “old school” and search for it among the photo albums. Paydirt.  

This photo is of “the Editor” herself, in the driveway of our house hula hooping while simultaneously reading a book. It’s iconic in so many ways. First, it shows her unquenchable desire to read, at all times, in all circumstances (It’s normal to bring The Iliad to summer camp, right—and read the whole book in just a few days, right?). Second, it displays her keen “fashion sense,” which she has cultivated (at my literal expense) for all the years since. Third, it subtly demonstrates her willingness to embrace the fact that she is a little different than her peers. Seriously, how many kids do you know enjoyed hula hooping or loved reading above all things?  Finally, the photo demonstrates her ability to multi–task. Want to read? Sure! Need some outside time? Check! Why not do both at once? That’s Annabelle. She did it when she was 12 years old; she’s been doing it ever since.  

And so do most of you college students on the cusp of yet another school year—for some of you, your last (gulp!). There are classes to attend (please, go to class!), papers to write, projects to complete, sports, activities, meetings, parties, and so much more. You’ve learned to get it all done, and I hope you’re also learning, even now—especially now—that it’s okay if you don’t get it all done. You just need to keep working at it, every day. Through it all, I hope you will do as Annabelle did in that photo: Do what you love, embrace your uniqueness, multi–task and have fun (safely, of course). Here’s to a great year and perhaps, here’s to another “Letter from the Editor’s Mom.” 


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