Oat milk is here — and it's ready to shake up your latte. A favorite for vegans, and beneficial to the environment, this plant–based milk adds a creamy texture and sweet aftertaste to coffee. Whether it’s served hot or over ice, an oat milk latte is always a delicious coffee option.

However, with a new trend comes difficulties in wide–spread availability. For example, while Starbucks locations throughout Philadelphia offer soy milk and almond milk, they don't carry oat milk. Even more disheartening, campus mainstay Pret a Manger doesn't serve the trendy milk. Luckily for Penn students, there are three coffee shops near campus that do serve oat milk—and Street tried them all. Here is the definitive ranking of the best oat milk lattes near campus.

Photo: Sofia Heller United By Blue Oat Milk Latte

3. United by Blue

Thanks to its initial neutral taste, oat milk pairs exceptionally well with espresso, but at United by Blue, it overpowers the coffee. Whether it’s an excess of oat milk or lack of espresso, the oat milk latte tastes more milky than it should. Aside from that, the largest size of drink is not that big, leaving my caffeine fix unsatisfied. However, if you are craving oat milk, United by Blue certainly remains a more–than–viable option.

Rating: 2/5

Location: 3421 Walnut St.

Photo: Sofia Heller WilCaf Oat Milk Latte

2. Williams Cafe

Williams Cafe's oat milk brand of choice is Oatly, which pioneered the speciality milk thanks to its subtle oat flavor and appealing packaging. Aesthetics aside, it makes for some of the best lattes. The thick texture and not—too—sweet taste of Oatly results in an artfully balanced latte. Despite these overall positives, WilCaf executes the oat milk latte better hot than iced. Heavy on the ice, the cold iteration falls flat on the creaminess present in the hot latte.

Rating: 4/5

Location: 255 S 36th St.

Photo: Sofia Heller Saxbys Oat Milk Latte

1. Saxbys

The oat milk latte at Saxbys wins my vote for the best oat milk latte near campus. Both the hot and iced versions of the drink are ideal. The roast of the espresso comes through and blends harmoniously with the oat milk's classic thickness. Neither the milk nor the ice—if you choose an iced latte—overpower the taste. Additionally, with a variety of options for sizes, Saxbys has your oat milk fix covered for a morning pick–me–up.

Rating: 5/5

Location: 4000 Locust St.

If you're a Penn student who relies on coffee to get through the day, you might already have your preferences established. But, the next time you're looking to try a variation on your classic, consider an oat milk latte from one of these places.


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