As we sit in our childhood bedrooms pondering how we got here, it’s needless to say that nobody is or was prepared for this situation. To be trapped at home for months without knowing when you'll next see your friends and resume your normal routine can be anxiety–inducing. And with all these newfound changes, it’s no surprise that many individuals' depression, anxiety and other mental health issues are resurfacing—or getting worse. To help you through these troubled times, here's a list of different therapy apps that will the adjustment to social distancing easier.


Sanvello is an app created by two individuals who had suffered from mental health problems and realized the lack of accessibility to quality therapy across the board. It's built to provide on–demand assistance for stress, anxiety, and depression. Sanvello’s basis in cognitive–behavioral therapy helps provide support that mirrors the advice doled out by clinicians. The app only costs $8.99 a month and includes a variety of meditations, guided journeys, daily mood trackers and health attributes to determine patterns. Sanvello aims to give users control over their lifestyle—some ever important as we're thrust into ever–changing circumstances


Betterhelp is an app designed to hand–pick a therapist according to your unique needs. This virtual experience allows you to work with different therapists to find the best person with the best approach for you, much like CAPS offers. Depending on the route you choose, these therapists can cost between $40 to $70 a week. However, there's a free online therapy option for those who want to speak to someone immediately.  Betterhelp is currently offering your first week free of charge, adding to a list of offers meant to improve quarantine.


Unlike the last two online therapy apps, Headspace is dedicated to self–care in the form of meditation. Its main goal is to introduce happiness and peace in one’s life for free through the guided meditation, complete with animations, articles, and videos to assist users. Meditation has been proven to help reduce stress, improve sleep, increase focus, and assist in maintaining relationships. If at any point you're feeling extremely stressed during your time at home, this is definitely the app to try. 


Happify is an app that uses different games and activities to improve your general happiness with science. This app has been reviewed and endorsed by companies ranging from the New York Times to Business Insider. It subtly teaches individuals how to be happier through their five core stages: savor, thank, aspire, give, and emphasize (STAND).There are a variety of activities to help people in different stages of life, making this journey feel personalized.

Every app is different and suited for a unique kind of individual. Being under the stress of isolation can take a serious toll on anyone. Do your research and find the app that suits you best during these trying times—and, hopefully, you'll be back at Penn in no time.