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Aidah Qureshi


It’s Time To Break Up With Celeb Breakups

We're all too invested in relationships that aren't even our own. 

We Need To Let Go of Vaccine Envy

Jab judgement has gone too far. 

Philadelphia Restaurateur Ellen Yin on Female Empowerment in the Food Industry

Restaurateur and Wharton alum (W'87) Ellen Yin shares how women–owned businesses are rewriting the narrative of the COVID–19 pandemic.  

Is 'Sex and the City' Incompatible With Gen Z's Values?

Examining an early 2000s classic through a modern lens

Not Your Mother's Pearls: Gen Z's Newest It Accessory

Riffing off of the punks of the 1980s, Gen Z is helping to reinvent a classic for a new generation. 

A Kardashian Post–Mortem: Looking Back on 12 Years of Influential Fame

A reflection on the family that revolutionized fame

The Dark Side of Dating Apps

Dating apps: fun, convenient, problematic.

Lil Miquela and the Dawn of the CGI Influencer, Explained

These influencers have never had cellulite, acne, or racist tweets. But they're not human—they're CGI. 

The Anti–Vax Movement, Explained

Anti–vaxxers have been in the public sphere since the 1800s, but today, they have a new weapon in their arsenal: social media.

Discovering and Debunking the 'Bridgerton' Mania

Discover Netflix's latest hit show filled with drama, dukes, and delectable outfits.

It's Time to Tone Down Flexing on Social Media

On Instagram and LinkedIn, it's easy to forget that internships, money, and travel do not equal happiness. 

‘The Witches’ Is Not Just Bad, It’s Deeply Problematic

The film demonizes differences when it should be celebrating them. 

How Pyramid Schemes Target College Students

Don't fall into the trap of being a "boss babe."

Doomscrolling: What it is and How to Stop

We've all fallen down the Twitter rabbit hole at some point.

'Cuties' is Really That Bad

The Netflix film inappropirately sexualizes young children. 

Our Obsession With Glowing Up

Bettering yourself doesn't have to be about appearance or competition. 

The Women of Hip–Hop are Here to Stay

And they don’t care what you think about their lyrics. 
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