Emily Cieslak


Get Your Bod Spring Break Ready Fast

Treat. Yo. Self.

The 10 Stages of Coming Home

It's going to be a long summer.

Uber Understands You

Avoid walking outside altogether with cheap campus shuttles and food delivery.

Full House: Kelly Writers House

Fresh ideas and coffee are always brewing in the place artists and writers call home.

Keep Your Closet Full and Your Wallet Fatter

Saving without scrambling

Apps for Hydration

We could tell you that you need to drink water, but you already know that by now.

I'm On a Boat

Meet the Penn student spending summer on an Alaskan fishing boat. 

Meet the Award–Winning Sorority Chef on Campus

Alpha Phi’s Chef Says You DO have the Time to Cook

A Student Athlete's Pet Project

Kaleb Germinaro uses photography to overcome the obstacles of man and man's best friend.

Why I'm Tired of Science Fiction Films

Houston, we have a problem.

No Fossil Fools Here

Fossil Free Penn continues to lead student activism past setbacks

In Defense of OCR

Why I stick up for OCR on Penn's campus.

Quiz Me

Want to find out who your dumbest friend on Facebook is? You don’t have to take a quiz, you just have to look in the mirror.

TEDxPenn is Ready to Blow Your Mind

Seriously. Mind blown.

You Have to Listen to This: Charli XCX

Confession, I use to hate slow songs. When I listened to music as a kid and teen, I wanted something that made me dance or run, not put me to sleep.

Election Reflection: Emily Cieslak C'19

A woman’s victory is women’s victory just as a woman’s loss is women’s loss.

Breakfast First

There’s really only one thing that gets me out of bed in the mornings.

What Film & TV's Excited for in 2017

Go forth and press play. 

Get Lit with a FitBit

Work (Out) Hard, Play Hard.

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