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Eugenia Salvo


Post-apocalyptic pop

It's Thursday afternoon and outside the front entrance to the Theatre of Living Arts are two middle-aged men.

Summer In The City

Just like the smell of horse shit will always make me think of Penn in the spring, some songs are inextricably tied to our memory banks.

Guilty Pleasure

To this day, just humming "Wake Me Up Before You Go Go" in my head makes me want to get up and prance around.

On the verge

It's a foggy night in Philadelphia, mid-week, cold, humid, not at all favorable conditions for going out.

Word on the street: Show me your 'o' face

Sometimes late at night -- even when I'm exhausted -- I get caught up watching a repeat of Oprah. The worst part of this is not that I watch Oprah, or that TV can keep me up even though I know I will want to die in the morning.

From Petty Theft to Selling Toner, and All the Rocking In Between

The story of Tommy Stinson might just shape the way music-lovers handle telemarketers forever. The one-time Replacements bassist and current solo artist recently made some easy cash selling toner over the phone for a major telemarketing company.

Banding together

Almost 9:30 p.m. Marc looks anxious. He paces, he jokes, but really he is thinking about Ric. Ric, meanwhile, is on his way to a shady bar on the edge of a shopping center in Bensalem, PA, from Delaware.

Confessions of a rolling stone intern

There are two qualities every determined writer should have: confidence and sheer ingenuity. Enter journalist, CNN correspondent and fiction author Toure.

Harmonies and Twin Peaks

Let's say you happened to have five guys that look like they belong in different bands. Hand them some instruments, let them roam free with their ideas and allow for some serious harmonizing.

How to Fail At Life

Just when saying "I'm 21" stopped sounding weird, only a few days stand between me and 22. Secretly, it pains me to admit that I am turning 22, since getting older stopped being fun at 18.

The Rising

There is one piece of advice that Dave Bielanko -- lead singer of Marah -- has for people who bash his band: "Whatever you wanna do is good with us.

Sophomore Slump

Jesse Malin is just a fan, except he's not. He's played on stage with Bruce Springsteen, worked with Joey Ramone, opened for Kiss and had a small role in Bringing Out the Dead, which he proudly proclaims is "the worst [Martin] Scorsese movie, except it has a great soundtrack." But none of those feats compares to the pressure of releasing a sophomore album.

Split Kicks and bobbing heads

There are very few opportunities -- unless you are showering with them -- to hear a bassist singing.

What if we all did have flying bicycles?

Dave Scher wishes people would dance at shows like they used to. One half of the duo that makes up California-based All Night Radio, Scher remembers his upbringing in Long Beach, California as a time when people danced at shows.

Don't block me

In high school all of my friends got into the whole AIM thing fairly early on. They would say to me, "When are you going to get AIM?" "AIM is awesome," or, "The other day I was talking to ____ on AIM and he/she said _____!

Errico and Co.

It's 3 p.m. on a Sunday, and Mike Errico is at Penn Station in New York City waiting for the train home.

Benicio del Toro is Hot

They say that at the moment a person dies, they lose exactly 21 grams. On a death bed questioning this very phenomenon, begins 21 Grams, the new film by Amores Perros writer Guillermo Arriaga and director Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu. Originally written in Spanish, but adapted for more exposure and notable English-speaking cast, the film shows the intense few months before and after a deathly accident forces three lives from very different backgrounds to intersect.

Santa's Got a Brand New Bag

With the holiday season approaching, filmmakers are full of warm fuzzies in the hopes of touching a few wallets with that holiday spirit.

Adams' song

Prepare to dance in your undies again -- the Madonna of alt-country is back and louder than ever. With his first official follow-up to the critically acclaimed Gold, Ryan Adams has managed to successfully re-invent himself.

Gwyneth Paltrow is overrated

Anyone looking for a movie about Sylvia Plath, the poet, should skip this rendition. The working title for this movie (Ted and Sylvia), would have been much more appropriate, since it is basically a summary of the tumultuous relationship between Plath and fellow poet Ted Hughes.
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