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Hilary Miller


Detox Before You Retox

On a mission to give our bodies a bit of a break before sending them on Spring Break, we had one of our Design Editors try out a detox cleanse.

Four The Better

Many a film — no, not just Michael Moore's fiery docs — have left us moved by what we've seen on screen and eager to make a difference in the world. Here's to taking that initiative past the two–hour viewing experience and doing some actual good, here, at Penn. Let us connect the dots for you.

Like Crazy Makes Us Feel Bad about Our Own Love Lives

Have you ever experienced the excitement of all–consuming love?

Broad Street’s Tashan overdoes it

On the sparse south end of Broad Street, loud music welcomes patrons to the club–like atmosphere of Tashan.

What Not to See at the Philadelphia Film Festival

The Philadelphia Film Festival begins today and ends November 3rd, and since you can’t make it to every screening, you better know which to avoid.

Word on the Street: My European F.O.M.O.

Every rising junior is forced to make the fateful decision of whether or not to study abroad. At the time, it seems there are infinite factors to consider.

Are Musical Theater Adaptations Done?

The last 10 years have brought a resurgence of musical theater adaptations… but has the trend come to term? After all, the show can’t go on forever. Just look at Cats.

Movies Up To Bat


Study These Fall Films

Street took the liberty of stereotyping you... again. But this time by major! Match your major with the film you shouldn't miss this fall.

So Good It's Contagious

Hypochondriacs beware.

Review: African Cats

Disneynature’s latest explores three big-cat families as they fight for survival and supremacy.

Casual Sex

In Sex and the City 2, the girls are back with the same wild outfits, the same posh cocktails and sex just as steamy as it was a decade ago.

Water, Water, Everywhere

Disney’s newest earth day special, Oceans, explores the thought posed by a tiny blonde boy in the opening scene — “What is the ocean?” In an effort to answer the question Disney, guided by the narration of Pierce Brosnan, takes us into the sea to meet the characters that define it.

Guilty Pleasure: The Crocodile Hunter: Collision Course (2002)

Venomous snakes, bird-eating spiders and man-eating crocodiles? Only one man is fit for this adventure — the Crocodile Hunter himself.

Don't Go Breaking My Coeur

Hidden behind a frosted glass window adorned with a Valentine’s-esque heart, lies the comfy to erotic jumble that is Coeur.

A Little Touch of Local

Nestled among the boutiques of 3rd Street, Fivi stands out from the crowd with its unique and one-of-a-kind jewelry and bags.

Journey Into The Wild

As little kids, we all fell asleep to our parents narrating Maurice Sendak’s tale of the adventures of Max and the Wild Things, dreaming of the adventures we could have as the ruler of a distant land.

Making Headlines

The Investigative Reporter By uncovering the Watergate scandal and bringing down a president, Woodward and Bernstein made journalistic history.

Guilty Pleasures: Hairspray (2007)

Who wouldn’t love John Travolta in drag and Zac Efron with a Jheri curl? Adam Shankman’s adaptation of the Broadway smash Hairspray hit the big screen with the same impact it had on the stage.
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