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Ian Bussard


Word on the Street: The Big Picture: Instagram

Three times in the past week I have been accused of hating everything. Lena Dunham’s “Girls”? Hate it.

Teas For All Seasons

The creation of an architect–turned–circus clown–turned–pastry chef–turned tea connoisseur, The House of Tea greets one with a surprisingly subdued interior — aside from the Barnum and Bailey Clown College class photo that hangs ominously over a doorframe. Despite the shop’s zany origins (the store is now owned by the aforementioned renaissance man’s daughter), it offers a truly remarkable variety of teas from every corner of the world, with a friendly staff happy to share their vast knowledge of the store’s offerings. The intimidating number of teas, stored in beautiful brass jars of black and gold, are stacked atop one another in apothecary–style mahogany compartments covering an entire wall.

The Print Center's New Exhibit 'To Scale' is of Life Size Proportions

The Print Center’s new exhibit makes life–size cutouts far more sophisticated than Hollywood stars.

Arts Listings for the Week 11/3

Orient Express Party 11/4, 5–8:45 pm Philadelphia Museum of Art, 26th St.

Art and Politics: An Introduction

The phrase “political art” is something of a misnomer. Okay, I’ll be honest — it’s a horrible title.

Word on the Street: Internshit

Like many at Penn, I thought it would be a positive life decision to apply for an internship at an investment bank.
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