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Jackie Lawyer


Discovering Where I'm From

A long–expired license made me contemplate the idea of “fromness.”

Ego of the Week: Emily Johns

Street's former HBIC returns one last time.

Behind Big Brothers Big Sisters

A little love for a big program

Research Beyond Test Tubes

These undergrad researchers do some pretty cool stuff.

UA: Passion for People and Policy

Almost everyone on campus should be familiar with the name "Kat McKay," as it has no doubt been in the inbox of every single one of Penn’s undergrad students.

A Home Away from...Penn

What some students have to say about living off–campus, like, for real.

Dispatch: The Button

We don't even want to know what happens under it.

Ego of the Week: Darren Tomasso

Class Board president, Brazilian butt–lifting bodybuilder and twerker extraordinaire. Read on for #fitnessgoals inspiration.

Engaged at a Tender Age

Love in the age of DFMOs

Separation of Penn and (Home) State

Six students weigh in on the concept of having a "Penn self" and a "home self."

Returning to Penn: Lamentations from Abroad

Because you can't live in a hostel forever. 
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