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Monuments for the People

What is an appropriate monument for the current city of Philadelphia? Monument Lab: A Public Art and History Project gives 20 potential answers.  


Ask an Art Buff: What's an Art Fair, Anyway?

The third installment of a series devoted to demystifying the art world


Five Spooky Works in Art History

In the spirit of Halloween, take a look at what artists have created to show you the deadly, the ghostly, and the psychotic. 


A Fall Break with Art in Venice

When you are registering for courses, look for those that take you abroad for free over break.

Retrado de Picasso

Portraiture Snaps

Van Pelt Edition


Your Guide to Fall Lifestyle

Fall has begun. Get ready for leaves and pumpkins and a brand spanking new aesthetic. 

The Healing Touch Integral Wellness Center at 45 N 2nd Street, Philadelphia

Performance Art in a Psych Clinic

The artist behind Mattress Performance wants you to feel the healing power of art.


Zine 101: Penn, Philly, and Beyond

Printmaking resources at Penn, Philly community publications, and more. Oh my!


Feminist Art History Professors You Should Take Class with Before Graduating

In memory of the late pioneering feminist art historian Linda Nochlin, here is a list of professors conducting research at the intersection of art and gender at Penn.


The Benjamin Franklin Parkway Will Be Lit For the Next Month

The parkway gets a makeover for its centennial by internationally renowned artist Cai Guo-Qiang.


When Programmers Meet Artists: Women’s Role in Art and Tech

Making/Breaking the Binary: Women, Art & Technology (1968-1985), a multi–venue curatorial project by Kelsey Halliday Johnson, surveys a generation of pioneering artists in new media and reconsiders their roles as technology innovators who helped shape the information age. 

Ask an Art Buff: What's a Gallery, Anyway?

The first installment of a series devoted to demystifying the art world

A Space for Students at the PMA

An insider look at the partnership between Penn and the Philadelphia Museum of Art beyond the NSO party

The Best Ice Cream Around

PSA: Wine ice cream exists

Marina Abramović, Role Exchange

The Art of Aimlessly Wandering

 Flânerie at the Barnes

Ask an Art Buff: What's an Auction House, Anyway?

The second installment of a series devoted to demystifying the art world

Get Ready With Street: Fling Edition

Street staff gives a makeup tutorial.

Film Still, Intermezzo, 2017

The Angle Collective

"Late Fragment," Photography | Film Exhibition, on view from April 5 to April 7, Claudia Cohen Hall, Fox Art Gallery

Art from the Heart

Penn's artists explore the theme of love


What To Do with Your Arts and Humanities Degree

Penn alums returned to campus to share their insider tips for the artsy and career–anxious.

An Interview with The Excelano Project

Penn's spoken word collective



The fourth installment of a series devoted to demystifying the art world

Imagination Station

​Photographs Made Audible

Landscape / Soundscape: Sound artists respond to photographs from Penn’s University Art Collection.

Read It and Eat It

When Theater Arts major Olivia Matlin (C'18) described her acting and playwriting style as dark comedy, she wasn't joking.

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