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Paul DiNapoli


Philadelphia Film Festival Review: “Art and Craft”

“Art and Craft” explores the chase between an art forger and museum registrars across the country, but leaves the audience wanting more.

Album Review: "V"—Maroon 5

Gone are the days when Maroon 5 wrote bluesy rock songs.

Review: “My Everything”—Ariana Grande

If you have heard “Problem,” “Bang Bang,” or any other of Ariana Grande’s smash singles this summer, then you have already heard her entire sophomore album.

Album Review: Shakira

“Shakira:” Shakira It’s been almost four years since we’ve heard new music from Shakira, but her new material is worth the wait.

Album Review: Of Mice and Men

“RESTORING FORCE” Of Mice and Men From the first bullhorn screams of opening track “Public Service Announcement,” you know it’s on.  Of Mice and Men's third album is chock full of punchy, mosh–pit igniting anthems like “Bones Exposed” and “You Make Me Sick,” but the band leaves room for some more accessible material, like closing ballad “Space Enough to Grow.”  Although some of the choruses feel somewhat forgettable, the group is in their element here, delivering a raw and aggressive, yet balanced and mature set of hardcore tracks that fans of the genre are sure to devour. Grade: A– Sounds Best When: Your angsty inner scene kid is begging for release Download: The aggressive and defiant “Break Free”

Review: "Thor: The Dark World"

The newest entry in the Marvel cinematic universe gives us reason to believe in gods again.

Review: "Recharged"—Linkin Park

With their new remix album “Recharged,” which includes only one new song, Linkin Park has finally eliminated all doubt that there is any rock left in their sound.

Review: Pizzeria Vetri

Pie from the Big Guy

Review: "Bitter Rivals"—Sleigh Bells

Sleigh Bells has been described as a “noise pop” group, and they do nothing if not live up to exactly that description.

Review: "Machete Kills"

Don’t take your kids to see “Machete Kills.” Seriously. The sheer amount of blood, gore and violence is enough to send any parents group into a frenzy.  As an homage to the exploitation flicks of the past, Robert Rodriguez’s franchise follows an ex–Federale named Machete (Danny Trejo), who is out for justice and vengeance, usually with a bloody touch.

Review: "Runner Runner"

Penn students may not be able to enjoy “Runner Runner” for one reason:  Richie Furst (Justin Timberlake), the protagonist, goes to Princeton. Despite this particular unsavory detail, the movie proved to be a pleasant surprise.

Review: "Parkland"

An absolute pressure cooker of a film, “Parkland” presents an intimate and visceral look at events following the assassination of John F.

Album Review: "Mechanical Bull" – Kings of Leon

After three years without new music, Tennessee–based rockers Kings of Leon have returned to the spotlight with their latest album, “Mechanical Bull.” Overall, the album disappoints more than it excites.

Trailer of the Week: "Homefront"

The fast–paced trailer for the action movie “Homefront,” based on a novel by Chuck Logan and due in theaters Nov.
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