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Phuong Ngo


A Look Inside Philadelphia’s Organic Nail Salons

These local businesses are offering a more natural alternative to the traditional manicure.

Why Can't We Stop Buying Fast Fashion?

A deep dive into fast fashion—and who really perpetuates it

Will the Black Market Be the End of Luxury Fashion?

The black market and how it degrades luxury brands

The Oxymoron of Affordable Luxury

Explaining the phenomenon that introduces young people to luxury goods

The Price of Free Samples

College brand ambassadors, explained

Where Gen Z and Millenials Clash

When the two most tech–savvy generations collide, online conflicts ensue.

From Screen to Kitchen: How Social Media Taught Me How To Cook

Dalgona coffee, baked feta pasta, cloud bread ... the options are endless

A Closer Look into the Zoom Room

Zoom was never the first of its kind, but it became the most popular video conference platform during the COVID–19 pandemic. 

A Closer Look Into Big Streams in Quarantine

An ode to two artists who made it big on their own in the age of social media and streaming services

More Than The Renegade: The Evolution of TikTok

Chronicling how the social media app has grown from Musical.ly to a platform for social and political change

Diving Into the Paradox of Matt James and The Bachelor's Problematic Casting

Matt James won’t solve the show’s deep–rooted issues in racial representation.
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