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Ngon Ngon: Surprisingly, a Meat-Lover’s Paradise.

Be lured in by the rice noodles, stay for the brisket.

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This Exhibit Redefines the Countries that Trump Infamously Deemed "Shitholes"

This Friday, a one–day exhibit will showcase art from "shithole" countries to promote education and highlight different perspectives.

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The Book Corner: 'Kafka on the Shore' is Your Next Break Book

With a healthy dose of absurdity and an unconventional story arc, this book deserves a spot on your reading list.


Exploring the ICA's Fall Exhibitions

This year, they've brought in plants and disco balls. 

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Ken Lum: A Look at One of Penn's Most Prolific Art Professors

The Chair of the Fine Arts department has had artwork exhibited on nearly every continent.  


Penn Student, Chuck Schultz, Sketches for FringeArts Festival

How sketching a show reveals more than just watching it does.


Emma Berson: Penn's Renaissance Woman

This Visual Studies senior has experience in every creative field imaginable.

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The Book Corner: “The Book of Laughter and Forgetting” is the Tale for a New Start

On why bare genitals and orgies are important to the new year.


3 Art Classes to Take This Semester

Add these classes to your cart before the course selection period ends on September 17.

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Yoko Ono's 'Wish Tree' Series is Coming to Penn This Friday

Add your voice to Yoko's collection of wishes. 

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Artist Spotlight: Wharton Junior and Fashion Designer Lea Chen

Lovelea Clothing is revolutionizing apparel customization.


Add Friday's Midnight Quadramics Show to Your Fling Itinerary

Revel in the song and dance of Pippin


Your Guide to Spring Fling's Performances

18 reasons to make the trek to Penn Park.


Penn Lens Showcase: Pushing the Boundaries

Their showcase this year redraws the line for creativity. 


Club Spotlight: Penn Create is an Outlet for the Arts

Feeling those creative juices leaking? Hit up Penn Create.

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Terrill Warrenburg's Artistic Life After Penn

The artist and alum curates some of the best art in Philly.


Club Spotlight: 4A Combines Arts with Identity

The African American Arts Alliance creates a theatrical space for exploring intersectionality.


Meet Isabel Zapata: A Photographer of Truth

She'll have you face to face with your most honest and beautiful side of yourself. 


Eat Like Royalty At The Good King Tavern

French tavern fare made for catching up with friends.

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Seeing Double: Grad Students Present "Double Vision"

An exhibit on technology, surveillance, and self–perception

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