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Sherry Tseng


My Tumor Derailed My Life, But Helped Me Overcome My Anxiety

Taking time off from Penn forced me to let go of my five year plan

Beautiful Monsters: An Art Exhibit of Worms and Bacteria

Students from FNAR268 are using real lifeforms to pioneer a new language. 

Open Studio: A Sneak Peek of Fine Art Senior Projects

A walk through what's going on in the heads of these seniors. 

inVISIBLE Shows the Power of Representation

The art gallery in PAACH promotes cultural awareness and the intersectional identity. 

What to See on Campus This November

Performing arts groups, a Grammy winning artist, dancers, and so much more.

The Fabric Workshop Brings to You “Poorly Watched Girls”

In a multidisciplinary contemporary art experience, Bocanegra touches on how women in trouble are theatricalized. 

Cellos and Radiohead: The Portland Cello Project is Performing at Annenberg this Saturday

In their Radiohead homage tour, the group will be playing hits like "Karma Police" on the cello. 

40 Years of Bloomers

Their show this weekend, attracting alums from across the country, follows Bachelor Andy on his search for love. 

An Augmented Reality Mural Comes to Philly

The mural "Dreams, Diaspora, and Destiny" comes to life with holographic statues and orbs. 

Your Guide to the Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts

A profile of the Annenberg Center and what's coming up this October

Philly Art Exhibit Reclaims Beauty in "Shithole" Countries

Capturing the real side of the country, the exhibit proves that these countries are anything but "shitholes." 

Ngon Ngon: Surprisingly, a Meat–Lover’s Paradise.

Be lured in by the rice noodles, stay for the brisket.

The Book Corner: 'Kafka on the Shore' is Your Next Break Book

With a healthy dose of absurdity and an unconventional story arc, this book deserves a spot on your reading list.

This Exhibit Redefines the Countries that Trump Infamously Deemed "Shitholes"

This Friday, a one–day exhibit will showcase art from "shithole" countries to promote education and highlight different perspectives.

Exploring the ICA's Fall Exhibitions

This year, they've brought in plants and disco balls. 

Ken Lum: A Look at One of Penn's Most Prolific Art Professors

The Chair of the Fine Arts department has had artwork exhibited on nearly every continent.  

Penn Student, Chuck Schultz, Sketches for FringeArts Festival

How sketching a show reveals more than just watching it does.

Emma Berson: Penn's Renaissance Woman

This Visual Studies senior has experience in every creative field imaginable.

The Book Corner: “The Book of Laughter and Forgetting” is the Tale for a New Start

On why bare genitals and orgies are important to the new year.

3 Art Classes to Take This Semester

Add these classes to your cart before the course selection period ends on September 17.
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