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Talia Sterman


My Own Penn Bubble

Navigating Penn life as someone religiously observant.

Zusha: The Hasidic Hipster Band Of Your Dreams

What happens when three college guys meet at a sunrise prayer service?

You Should Know About: Cullen Omori

Going solo was the best decision. Calling the tour “Sad Guy No More”, not so much.

Sounds Like Summer

What do you do when it looks like summer, feels like summer and smells like summer?

Guide to Grime

Fact: It's never not grime time.

*April Music Calendar*

Or: a month of concerts better than Chance the Rapper #bringbackakon

Matisyahu: A Musical Maccabee

Matisyahu thinks that "God is probably so fucking fed up with all of us projecting our shit on to him." Agree?

Dream Pop 101

Ambient pop and alternative rock had a baby, and its name is dream pop.

You Have to Listen to This: Frankie Cosmos

In an alternative universe you'd be in a band, and that band would be Frankie Cosmos. 

Spotify vs. Apple Music vs. Tidal

Please don't tell me you still use iTunes.

No Valentine, No Problem

To all you lonely hearts out there: Music’s down to be your Valentine.

*February Music Calendar*

It's a big time to be a music fan in Philly.

Music's Guide to Study Abroad

Can’t figure out where to go abroad? Let Music help you decide.

*January Music Calendar*

Extend that feeling like it's syllabus week and hit up one/all of these shows.

Countdown to Catch Up: Your Break in Music

LCD Soundsystem is back. More importantly, so is Street.

What Does Your Wall Art Say About You? A Quiz

Because nothing says wall art like vinyls do. And your pick says a lot about you.

Your Year(book) in Music

This year in music had it all: the good, the bad, the ugly, and everything in between.

If You Like This, Listen to That

Take your Top 40 to the next level.

Technically Music

You’re on your phone all day anyways. Make that eat, sleep, music, repeat.

Comebacks, Side Projects and Must–See Shows: Your Week in Music (10.29)

Get in loser, we're going to some concerts.
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