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Todd Grabarsky


Easy living the hard way

Aw, it must be so hard for pop stars when they become successful. Today, camera phones and weblogs smudge the line between fan and critic, between celebrity and citizen.

Word on the street: Football, futbol or fubball

The Steelers' victory over the Broncos last Sunday brought back memories of a different football game -- a quarterfinal match of the 2002 World Cup in Korea/Japan.

Spreading the gospel of rock

On most days the First Unitarian Church seems like any of Philadelphia's religious congregational centers.

Boys Falling in

During last year's Vans Warped Tour, a hand-held radio was stolen. After being threatened and even bribed by tour security, the culprit demanded only one thing in return for the over-expensive piece of equipment -- to meet Fall Out Boy.

Anniemal Instinct

In the world of pop music, Scandinavia has always been a source of successful imports. From ABBA to Ace of Base, these acts have remained unapologetically "pop," climbing to the top of the U.S.

Sophomore Dropout

Kanye West stands as a fascinating figure in music today. The Chicago producer-turned-MC blends bourgeois intellectualism with lower-class sympathy, swagger with insecurity.

Jetting from Brazil

Seu Jorge ignited a samba fury during his sold-out show last Tuesday at the First Unitarian Church. Better known as the minstrel seaman with a penchant for acoustic Portuguese renditions of David Bowie classics in last year's The Life Aquatic, Jorge has emerged from humble beginnings in the slums of Rio de Janeiro to become a hot import in both the film and music worlds. Jorge and his charismatic band commanded the packed audience of urban hipsters, ethno-musicologists, and Brazilian fanatics with their no-frills local samba stylings.

It's like Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

Hong Kong-made Kung Fu Hustle features Stephen Chow, who happens to be the new martial arts "it" man. The film, set in '40s Shanghai, follows Sing (Chow), an alliance-shifting street rat who is caught in a gang war between the dreaded Axe Gang and the Pigsty Alley slum.
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