Hey kids! Did you like the 80's? Do you still play The Legend of Zelda on your old Nintendo? Do you remember and cherish G.I. Joe, He-Man, Star Wars, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles action figures, Mr. T, and Wildwood, N.J.? Then X-Entertainment (http://www.x-entertainment.com) is for you.

Run by a twenty-something pop-culture fanatic from New York, and assisted by a Kings fan from Sacramento, this site combines everything you always loved about your childhood, reminds you of everything you loved about it, and then hammers the TV show/comic strip/whatever into your head until you really can't take it anymore.

Matt, the Webmaster of the site, seems to have an unhealthy obsession with Pokemon, Transformers, and collecting toys, but it all transforms into frequently hilarious articles and videos.

The site is set up in no logical order, with the writers basically picking topics out of the air to write about. The haphazard approach succeeds beautifully, as one can segue from an article about b-movie Jack-O ("... what little kids carry around money on Halloween night? This is the most flawed charity event I've ever seen."), to a review of the film What Lies Beneath ("It makes me sick that a `scary' Hollywood film like this can get made, while horror legend George Romero can barely find any takers for a 4th Living Dead film."), to a review of the 1984 Nintendo game Baseball ("Your choice of teams are just letters. So basically, if you want that hometown feel, you've gotta pick from the 5 or 6 available letters that are alphabetically closest to your state's initials.").

All in all, X-Entertainment is a great site that will provide hours of entertainment to anyone who remembers the 80's, enjoys cartoons, or has a `y' chromosome.


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