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Dan McQuade


Bionic Eyes

Is it ethical for a man with a bionic eye to play baseball? This is the question I was asked approximately 45,000 times from Thursday to Saturday by CBS in a promo for some new show which, despite repeated admonishments to watch, I never caught the name of. While I doubt that by the year 2030 there will be some sort of bionic eye debate in baseball, such a debate would be interesting.

Philly Phans Phlock

When talk about a new stadium for Philadelphia first came up in the mid-90's, conventional wisdom was that the city would build a new stadium for Major League Baseball's Philadelphia Phillies, leaving the Eagles to play in a renovated Veterans Stadium.

Dude, Where's Stifler?

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. -- Sean William Scott doesn't want to be known just as Stifler. In Bulletproof Monk, he tries to do just that. The 26-year-old became a cult hero with his role as Steve Stifler in 1999's American Pie, which was a runaway hit and spawned a 2001 sequel.

Review: Bulletproof Monk

There are two ways you can look at Bulletproof Monk: On the one hand, Chow Yun-Fat finally gets to do some comedy for the first time in an American movie.

Off-campus Living

University City and Center City are great -- but there's only so much Stephen Starr, Smokey Joe's and Art Museum you can take.

Black & Blue

The smell hits you as soon as you walk in. It's the smell of the sweat of a thousand fighters, the spilled beer and cigar smoke of ten thousand fans.

Summer Reads: Song of the City

Some journalists tell us the story from the most straightforward angle possible. But others tell us the real story, and go behind the facts to tell us why we should care.

Juwanna Not Go See This Movie

Last week on CNN, Miguel Nunez and Vivica A. Fox were promoting the movie Juwanna Mann. A viewer called in, asking Nunez about how he survives as a Latino actor.

MUSIC: Professional Murder Music

If Marilyn Manson and Orgy had a lovechild, it would be Professional Murder Music. The California quartet with a hip-hop name mixes electronic and nu-metal into a surprisingly polished sound on its self-titled Geffen records debut.

MOVIES: Faux reality

Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within is not just a landmark in animation, it is a landmark in film. The animation is beautiful, the storyline is impressive--the movie is amazing. The animated movie, loosely based on the Final Fantasy video game series, takes place in the year 2065.

MUSIC: Skrape

It seems that the music industry has reached a point where the nu-metal bands are as formulaic as boy bands.

Nostalgia Overdose

Hey kids! Did you like the 80's? Do you still play The Legend of Zelda on your old Nintendo? Do you remember and cherish G.I.

MOVIES: Scary Movie 2

How does one review a film like Scary Movie 2? If I was reviewing the first one, I could talk about how it breaks new ground in showing how screwed up the MPAA ratings system is.

MOVIES: The dull and the unimpressive

There exist many unwritten rules of film. One says that if a film has a different title than what was originally intended, it is not a good film. Another says that if a film's release date shifts around numerous times, the studio knows it will probably be a bomb. Yet another says that if there are numerous writers of the screenplay, it will have that "Hollywood touch" meaning an incoherent script. Things are not looking good for The Fast and the Furious.The film was originally called Racer X.

MUSIC: I'm an ogre

Shrek Soundtrack Various Artists * * (two stars) DreamWorks has a long way to go before it can catch Disney.

MUSIC: Losing my religion and my loyalty

REM Reveal Warner Brothers * * (two stars) The "grunge" revolution of the early nineties left hair bands dead, sent pop stars into hibernation, and put traditional soft-rock bands into limbo.
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