Any film fan can conjure up the image of Vincent and Jules standing naked while The Wolf hosed the blood off their asses. Pulp Fiction was legendary. So who wouldn't be intrigued by the reunion of LA's most bible-thumping gangster and his pony-tailed associate? Don't waste $7.50 -- their reunion in Basic is extremely disappointing. The movie opens with a military training exercise that goes terribly wrong. The militant and melodramatic Colonel West (Samuel L. Jackson) leads a group of bumbling young recruits on a mission that ends in a bloodbath. The remainder of the film is spent trying to uncover the perpetrator, in an investigation led by former cop Hardy (John Travolta). If writer James Vanderbilt needs one thing in his life, it's an editor. The plot goes completely haywire and could have been simplified into a much more comprehensive story. Director James McTiernan doesn't do much to aid the script. The monochromatic grey scenery is boring, and after the impressive opening helicopter scene, the rest of the movie seems bland. McTiernan, who needs to regain his credibility after Rollerball, ought to try again. To its credit, the film has an impressive cast, including Taye Diggs and Giovanni Ribisi. And Travolta has some great one-liners. While Travolta and Jackson may be a one hit wonder, we still have a rumored Tarantino/Travolta film looming to reassure our faith in the Pulp cast.