Hail Social Hail Social (EP) Self-released These days, seemingly every band wants to be the next post-punk talk of the town. Throw on vintage shirts and a pair of Chucks and you're in the mix. So why the hype surrounding Philly's own Hail Social? Composed entirely of former Whole Foods employees, their four song self-titled EP packs enough catchy hooks to steal Drew and Winona from the Strokes. -- Kevin Lo

Panthers Let's Get Serious Dimmak Records Panthers is yet another in the long line of New York bands that have learned that success in hipsterdom is three-fourths publicity and one-fourth music. Omitting the "the" in their name may be the only attempt to separate themselves from the pack of New York bands -- because they certain make little musical effort to be different. The same carefully sloppy garage rock and affected energy make this cd Pick up this CD if you want to be able to name drop every New York band, otherwise this release is unnecessary. -- Mike Berlin King Missile 3 The Psychopathology of Everyday Life Instinct Records Do you remember these guys? Yeah, you do. They played that song "detachable penis" that you used to sing along to on Bevis and Butthead. Well since then you have grown up while King Missile frontman, John S. Hall has continued to make always sophomoric and occasionally insightful and funny novelty rock in the form of cuss-filled spoken word tracks forgettable backing music. The jokes on this album rarely progress beyond the fact that he likes to swear and talk about dirty sex and the humor fails to reach the level of earlier tracks like "Sensitive Artist" and "Jesus Was Way Cool" (which is re-released on this album). -- Matt Cohen