One day, four young boys walk through the forest and see three older boys bullying a small kid from "the retard academy." The four boys decide to help this unfortunate lad, warmly referred to as "Dudditz" (due to his own mispronunciation of Douglas). Little did they know that Dudditz was more special than the euphemism suggests. After the heroic incident, the four friends are endowed with special gifts. Twenty years later, a space craft lands near by and puts their supernatural abilities to the test. This is the plot behind Steven King's latest good-book-turned-decent-movie, Dreamcatcher. Despite poor character development (especially Morgan Freeman's Colonel Abraham Curtis) and a fairly simplistic plot, Dreamcatcher will keep you rooting for the planet Earth from beginning to end, thanks to Jason Lee and a good amount of gore and explosions. -- Conor Welch As a small-town girl living in a lonely Nevada trailer, Gwyneth Paltrow seeks happiness and entitlement in the skies as a stewardess in View from the Top. She's the perfect friend, the perfect girlfriend, the perfect stewardess... There's not much room for character development. You've seen this all before. There is only one reason to see this movie: Mike Myers. He ditches the crooked teeth and judo-chop for a lazy eye and a chip on his shoulder: a flight-attendant trainer who teaches Paltrow to reach for the skies. Though most of his comedy is physical and revolves around the lazy eye, he also has some wonderful lines. All in all, the view from the seat was good, but don't stop believing in better movie options than View from the Top. -- Kate Allen and Lauren Fernandez


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