Three-time Academy Award winner Jack Nicholson delivers a wonderful comedic performance in Anger Management as Dr. Buddy Rydell, the volatile shrink who has counseled everyone from John McEnroe to Derek Jeter. Adam Sandler, known for his explosive scenes of hysteria, perfectly complements Nicholson in an unlikely comedic duo. Sandler, plays Dave Buznik, a community college graduate stuck in a dead end job who also has PDA problems with girlfriend Linda (Marissa Tomei). After being arrested for assaulting a flight attendant, Buznik is sentenced to attend Rydell's group anger management therapy session. When his association with some unstable group members leads to a bar brawl, Buznik returns to court, and faces either a year in prison or intensive therapy with Rydell. Rydell's crazy methods, such as having Buznik sing a rendition of "I Feel Pretty" during morning rush hour, sometimes it is unclear who is really in need of the therapy. Although the mere fact that Buznik is sentenced to therapy seems almost as insane as his shrink's unconventional ways, audiences will be hysterical from beginning to end. -- Alyssa Litman In an apparent attempt to create one of the cheesiest and most clich‚d films of the season, Disney forces its classic formula on Louis Sachar's award winning book Holes. There are some touching parts of this movie and Sachar's storyline is able to keep the movie afloat despite the plot's annoying predictability. Stanley Yelnats (Shia La Beouf) believes there is a curse on the men of his family. His suspicions seem to be justified when he is accused of a crime he did not commit and is sent to a boy's prison camp in the Texas desert. The nefarious warden (Sigourney Weaver) and her loud-mouthed lackey (Jon Voigt) force the boys to dig holes in the hot desert sun each day so that the boys can "build character." In a tale of friendship, adventure and good triumphing over evil, Disney delivers a solid two hours to its target audience of young males, but probably falls short of impressing anyone else. -- Zack Gross


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