Charlie Hunter is a musician who has the capacity to blow your mind every time you hear him. The man invented the eight-string guitar -- 3 bass strings, 5 guitar strings, 2 pickups -- which means that he plays bass and guitar simultaneously. So when you're listening, you have to keep reminding yourself that both instruments are coming from the same two hands. And he plays so rhythmically precise that he doesn't even need a piano. Originating in Berkeley, his jazz builds on traditional styles and leaders, but is free and hybrid. It takes dance and groove and adds depth and insight through improvisation. Since relocating to Brooklyn in 1997, he has recorded and performed with many different players in many different combinations. Right Now Move aptly demonstrates Hunter's groove and vibe. It has a distinct, fresh sound from the rest of his recordings, this time mixing in a chromatic harmonica, trombone and even some bass clarinet. However the disc may be too equitable: giving time to the other members of the quintet reduces the amount of Hunter's trademark brilliant shredding which you'll hear in his smaller groups. In a few tunes, like "Whoop-Ass" and "20th Congress," he takes too passive of a role in the recording, compared to live versions. However, Right Now Move is definitely a good listen -- and everyone needs to check out Charlie Hunter.


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