There were no jukeboxes or barstools to be found in this reupholstered 50's style diner. In fact, the biggest change from the days of poodle skirts and saddle shoes is that the all-American hamburger isn't served. Instead, this brand new restaurant specializes in traditional Indian, Pakistani and Bangladeshi foods.

Entrants are faced with a glass buffet counter yet no clear sign of where to sit and when. The d‚cor is sparse. Rows of tables crowd the floor space, and the walls are practically bare. The only real hint of color is a television in the corner of the diner -- probably for employees only. Even though the restaurant is hardly two months old, a tired and worn-out feel pervades the tiny trailer. Those who believe fine dining is eating off paper plates as opposed to using fingers should visit this place.

The food presentation is minimal at best, sloppy at worst and the cafeteria trays and plastic utensils really don't liven the drab surroundings. But, expectations shouldn't be too high for a restaurant with 75 cent samosas, and $4 entrees. You could say food trucks give you more bang for your buck.

As far as the actual food goes, it looks edible. Overall, Kabob Palace deserves an 'A' for effort, an 'F' for style, and a 'Check Please' for quality.


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