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Rachel Senturia


The real deal?

This is the true story of one girl, picked to live in a shitty dorm and write a review to find out what happens when you gather annoying typecasts and start being cliche.


Go to Lou's Restaurante. The tiny restaurant located on the outskirts of Drexel's campus boasts an incredible selection of Mexican dishes with an American twist.

It's musty

Step away from the Arby's pencil holder. Drop the Hershey Lodge champagne glasses. And don't even think about taking the "Jesus works miracles" mug.

Real meat doesn't cry

Quality sandwiches have a new home. Just a short walk from the bookstore, Nosh's is a typical Jewish deli specializing in sandwiches ranging from classic pastrami and roast beef to chicken and potato salad.

Ecco is no Dolphin

Even from the sidewalk, Ecco Qui looks like a hit. The up-tempo music and the neon-pink entrance sign scream chic charismatic establishment instead of the usual white trash joint.

Take this K.A.B.O.B and shove it

There were no jukeboxes or barstools to be found in this reupholstered 50's style diner. In fact, the biggest change from the days of poodle skirts and saddle shoes is that the all-American hamburger isn't served.
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