Even from the sidewalk, Ecco Qui looks like a hit. The up-tempo music and the neon-pink entrance sign scream chic charismatic establishment instead of the usual white trash joint. The most fabulous accessory of Ecco Qui is the d‚cor adorning the walls. A spiraling nebula of a chandelier greets you at the entrance, and it just keeps getting better. Spanning the upper wall is a three-dimensional representation of the panoramic city skyline at dark, complete with a sign of Locust on the Park, visible from just across the bridge.

For a romantic time, ask to be seated under the night sky planetarium located in the back. The twinkling lights mimic the starry night sky and the overall effect is mesmerizing. However it works, it's too damn cool for Philadelphia. Ecco Qui definitely lets you forget you are in this very less-than-enchanting city, transporting you to a world of delight, glitz and retro-cool.

Do not expect to be similarly captivated by what appears on your plate. The bright and dazzling interior design of Ecco Qui slyly distracts patrons from the boring food that is served. The menu includes typical Italian food ranging from pasta and chicken, to the ultra-mandatory lasagna. While not extravagant, the food is still tasty and certainly worth the money.


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