In honor of not winning the lottery this week, Street took a little time to find out what the movie of your life would be about. Not just that, but we let you pick out who would play you, and all kinds of madness ensued. Here are the ones we would watch....

A Spot of Tea: Crazy Me Synopsis: This sprawling 8 1/2 hour, three disc epic probes the events of one afternoon's tea party as Julie Andrews, Judith Rodin, and I struggle to choose between Orange Mint Herbal and Distinctive Earl Gray. The action and madness never cease!

Starring as me: Jack Nicholson in a long wig with fake eyelashes because he is delicately feminine as well as ragingly insane.

Maggie Hennefeld

Over the Top 2: More Arm Wrestling to Save Some Kids Synopsis: A vengeful but mute koala bear imprisons local second-graders inside barely-used Bennett Hall classrooms. Only one Penn student, a compulsive elliptical trainer named Oreo, can save them!

Starring as me: Louie Anderson -- there's nothing more entertaining than an overweight chipmunk-man screaming "Survey Says...!" at unsuspecting senior citizens.

Jeff Levin

Lone Wolf McQuade Synopsis: The story of one man's quest (and failure) to get laid.

Starring as me: The late Rudolph Valentino, because we were both silent film stars in the 20's.

Daniel McQuade

Arggg... I'm a Wintertime Pirate Synopsis: A film that settles the lifelong burning struggle between wizard, ninja and pirate. If you were forced to be one of the three, who would you choose?

Starring as me: Anyone as me, as long as my love interest is played by Will Ferrell wearing an eye patch.

Leah Collins

I'll Jew It For You Synopsis: The tragic story of one man's epic journey from Milan to Minsk, and his botched Asian to Judaic conversion in hopes of one date with Miss Natalie Portman.

Starring as me: John Cho (the MILF guy from American Pie) because he's dominating the game right now.

Kevin Lo

Dr. Walking Contradiction: Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love America Synopsis: The story of a baby-blue-clad punk-rocker who talked literature and played fantasy soccer and flew overseas to find herself in the land of contrarieties.

Starring as me: Melissa Joan Hart because she looks sort of innocent and younger than she really is, but also has guts. Plus she looks great in baby blue!

Alice Casarini

Koppelmania Synopsis: One man's heroic struggle against his crippling laziness and debilitatingly stunning good looks.

Starring as me: Me as myself, because no one could do it better. Also, as my love interest, the Olsen twins, because everything is better with them.

Alex Koppelman


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