Step away from the Arby's pencil holder. Drop the Hershey Lodge champagne glasses. And don't even think about taking the "Jesus works miracles" mug. The small space comprising Toviah Thrift Store is filled wall to wall and floor to ceiling with circular racks, dangerously overburdened shelves, and a red chair piled two feet high with god-knows-what.

Bearing the motto "If you can't wear it, share it," Toviah Thrift Store has been in business for over 30 years. Toviah, meaning "The Lord is good," boasts a strong selection of skirts, jackets and pants, as well as other trinkets and books. While the assortment is robust, quality doesn't seem to be a priority. The box of fabric scraps serves as a testament to this claim. Come on, it's not haute couture. Nevertheless, other notables include a neon green parka, a variety of dusty encyclopedias, chalk (white), curlers, roller skates and a few Christmas lights.

Even though religious undertones are present -- in addition to the pietistic name, there is a church in the back -- proceeds go to benefit youth groups in the city. Toviah makes a great afternoon outing when there is nothing else to do and you're dying for a new tie. A new used tie, that is.


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