With its walls of mandarin, lavender, coral and rose, Molletta welcomes you to get in touch with your feminine side. This Old City boutique -- which recently celebrated its first birthday -- features an array of clothing, accessories, soaps and even kitchenware.

Most of the clothing didn't speak to me as a college student. Aside from the younger feel of the lacy skirts and dresses by local designer Asfara, the clothing seems aimed at thirty-something women. Co-owner Christa Bevilacqua describes the shop's style as "classy and sophisticated, practical for the working woman to transition from day to night, and very feminine." I'd say it's perfect for the trophy wife in training.

Molletta 55 N. Third St. (215) 925-7733
The sterling silver jewelry from Italy rests beautifully in a case by the register, but I was more attracted to Susan Rifkin's designs, each unique piece made from semiprecious stones. There are a few trendy Chinese patterned handbags, and a variety of bags from Pack Happy. These were by far my favorite items, each bag with simple embroidery stating its purpose. There is one for carrying your cosmetics while traveling, a shoe case and even one for bridal lingerie.

If you happen to be shopping with your Straight Steve rather than Metrosexual Mitch, don't fret -- while you browse the variety of adorable house d‚cor, he can enjoy complimentary coffee and pastries while waiting patiently on one of the comfy red chairs. I was more excited about this lower level, which displays French poster-inspired accessories and a set of Chinese flower print silk place mats.

Although you have already missed Molletta's one-year anniversary, as well as their November First Friday cocktail party, you can still make it to their Holiday Hair Show on December 5th, during the "Silver Bells in Old City" celebration. This shop is definitely worth checking out during one of their First Friday fiestas, or you can just stop by to pick up a pair of capri pants on your way to the country club. If nothing else, the free lemon poppyseed muffins make it worth a visit.


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