In a freakish turn of events, seven of our best TV shows on DVD begin with the letters S or F. Despite such great odds, Saved by the Bell and Farscape didn't make the cut, but 10 other great television shows did. Go check them out soon, and enjoy the luxuries of commercial-free TV. It's like your own personal HBO.


Seasons 1 & 2

MSRP $59.98-$69.98

It's not true that 24 adds up to 24 hours -- only 18 hours. It is true, however, that in one day you can be infected by radiation poisoning, explode a nuclear bomb in California, get mauled by a mountain lion, let Nina Myers escape and shoot up the LA Coliseum while saving President Palmer's fucked-up ex-wife. Believe me, I've tried.

Chappelle's Show

Season 1

MSRP $26.99

The ads boast "Still Dave, Still Dangerous," but Dave's show isn't a threat to your well-being. It's a smart, fearless show that tackles issues of pop culture and race with wit and confidence. The first season hit DVD in February and stand-out skits include R. Kelly's "Pee on You" and "The Mad Real World."


Seasons 1 & 2

MSRP $49.99

Can I draw you a beer, Norm? No, I know what they look like. Just pour me one. What would you say to a beer, Normie? Daddy wuvs you. How's it going, Mr. Peterson? Poor. I'm sorry to hear that. No, I mean pour. Beer, Norm? Have I gotten that predictable? With this Cheers DVD box set you can go to a bar where everybody knows your name and you don't even need a fake ID.

Family Guy

Volumes 1 & 2

MSRP $49.98

Family Guy is arguably the funniest cartoon show since The Simpsons. But what makes this a must-own is the fact that, aside from an 11 p.m. or 2 a.m. showing on Cartoon Network, DVDs are the only way to see it. Don't worry, though: due to the DVD's popularity, new episodes are due in 2005.

Freaks and Geeks

Entire Series

MSRP $69.98

When people talk to me about great shows that were ignored and cancelled, they always seem to ignore this show. How ironic, right? This show died a quick death due to low ratings on NBC, but it will gain new life when it is released on DVD this Tuesday. You didn't give this show a chance during its first run, so go buy or rent it next week and then weep about your ignorance.


Seasons 1-6

MSRP $39.92-$44.98

If we were to run a list of the Top 10 Overrated Television Shows on DVD, Friends would make the list, but its disgusting hype doesn't disguise the fact that Friends is a good comedy when it wants to be. The series' early and late episodes aren't great, but DVD lets you pick up the good seasons, thankfully.


Seasons 1-3

MSRP $39.98-$49.98

Matt Groening's other show never received the fame of The Simpsons, but it certainly deserved it. It hits its mark in the very first episode and never lets up. The sharper colors and designs don't hurt either. Three seasons are currently available, and two more will be released over the next year or two. Don't forget this great show.

Sex and the City

Seasons 1-5

MSRP $39.98-$49.99

Sex and the City ended, and, yet, life has gone on. We get up, we breath, we have sex in and out of cities. Due to HBO's erratic scheduling, we have not yet processed the fact that Sex is over forever. It could just as well be another extended hiatus. Still, when the DT's set in -- and they will -- at least we'll have Sexorette in the form of DVDs.

The Simpsons

Seasons 1-3

MSRP $39.98-$49.98

At its current release rate, The Simpsons won't be out in its entirety until we are in our 30s. By then, however, we won't care about the sub-par final seasons. Right now, the first three seasons are out. The longest running animated show is also the best, so check it out and watch the show progress from its awkward beginnings to its bizarre and endearing hilarity.

The Sopranos

Seasons 1-4

MSRP $99.98

Some people might question The Sopranos' placement on this list simply because of the hundred-dollar price tag attached to the box sets. But how can you put a price on 13 hours of guns and "va fanguls?" For any true lover of organized crime, The Sopranos is a must-own.


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