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Yona Silverman


Sink or schwimm

This past week Street Film sat down with David Schwimmer at Philadelphia's Sofitel to discuss his college days, life after Friends and his role in the recently released Duane Hopwood. Schwimmer plays the title character in this comedy-drama, an alcoholic father whose life is unraveling before his eyes. How are you going about choosing roles in terms of differentiating yourself from the Ross character? I don't consciously look for roles that will differentiate me from Ross as much as I look at roles that will challenge me as an actor, and those are more likely roles that are different from that character.

128 Ounces 'Til Morning

It's barely 11:35 p.m. when the first freshman of the night starts throwing up in the women's bathroom.

Film interview: michael showalter

Michael Showalter doesn't think there's anything funny about Brooklyn. The actor-cum-writer-cum-director, renowned for playing Coop in Wet Hot American Summer (a film he co-wrote) and for his involvement in "Stella" on Comedy Central, has just released The Baxter, his directorial debut.

Wait, Where's Jim Carrey?

Never has Jim Carrey's penchant for physical humor been demonstrated more clearly than in 1994's The Mask, when he played Stanley Ipkiss' bedeviled character with unparalleled aplomb.

To tan or not to tan?

It's probably a good idea not to get tanned before you get tanned (and by tanned we mean tanned and also drunk), as was initially the premise of this pre-Spring Break tanning investigation, because the whole thing is a lot more complicated than you might think.

The Garden of Eatin'

We were going to go abroad first semester junior year, but we decided to go to the Olive Garden instead.

Where hyuppies go to eat

Too often at good restaurants, pomp and circumstance ruin pleasant meals. Kevin Klause's Farmicia is just the opposite kind of place, in the best possible way.

Hebrew Humor

Jews are fun to laugh at. From Philip Roth's Portnoy's Complaint to Seinfeld to Adam Sandler's "The Hanukkah Song (versions ad nauseum)," the rule is tried and true: laugh at a Jew and you will be laughing for a long time.

Waiting for marriage

Cindy is small and pretty, soft-spoken yet animated. She arrived at Penn to study Education and Linguistics two years ago, and very quickly she met Mark*, a fellow graduate student, through the Penn Graduate Christian Fellowship.

Improve your image

College is really about being a junior. Freshman year is about being a freshman, and meeting people, and crying a lot.

Change sucks

There are times in life when that which you love is also that which you loathe. I am familiar with this feeling -- the queasy nausea of obsessive repulsion.

Real World randy

Randy, a castmember of MTV's Real World: San Diego, an artist, a Sea and Cake fan and currently a spokesperson for STA Travel, chewed the fat about life, liberty and the pursuit of a good vacation.

Remember my name

My parents have failed me. Sure, they spoiled me in all of the usual ways; school lunches from Le Bernadin, yachts, cocaine binges on Friday nights when we were bored, an endless stream of ponies boarded at Claremont until I graduated to thoroughbreds.

Commercials suck

In a freakish turn of events, seven of our best TV shows on DVD begin with the letters S or F. Despite such great odds, Saved by the Bell and Farscape didn't make the cut, but 10 other great television shows did.

A little sex in all of us

My family got HBO for me two and a half years ago, because I wanted to watch Sex and the City. Back then, HBO was still considered uncool in New York.

I Don't Practice Santeria

Sublime has changed my life. Academia does not fully appreciate the most astute philosophers of our era.

Where Are They Now?

Caroline in the City (1995-1999) ? Caroline Duffy married Del and then tragically lost a limb in a freakish accident involving ink and a spatula. ? Richard Karinsky finally realized he was gay and broke the Duffster's heart for good. ? Del Cassidy was the first to create a "You lost a limb and I no longer love you" greeting card. My So-Called Life (1994-1995) ? Angela Chase finally got a clue. ? Jordan Catalano cut his hair and stopped being hot.

Jesus died for somebody's sins

The Matrix was a good movie. Perhaps a great movie to some, but commonly accepted as at least a good movie by most.

Movies we were too prudish to see

Back in the day, John Holmes was the biggest -- and therefore the best -- in the biz. "Johnny Wadd" starred in more than 2000 adult productions and reportedly bedded more than 10,000 women over the course of his career -- including his wife. Probably the only guy who might really have been hornier than Ron Jeremy, he was well-endowed.

A Family Affair

If families who pray together stay together, then families who act together must contract together, because in Hollywood, not only do individuals get typecast -- sibling sets do, too.
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