Knitting is back. Women who burned their bras in the '70s now join knitting circles; the knitting guidebook Stitch 'N Bitch sells out at Urban Outfitters. For fashion bugs, knitting fiends and feminists alike, Vagabond is the perfect place to be.

Just off of Market Street near Penn's Landing, Vagabond carries high-quality yarns, knitting and crocheting tools, knitted products and designer clothes. Included on the shelves are yarns from England, Nebraska and South America.For the globally conscientious, there are yarns from organizations such as Manos del Uruguay, a women's co-op. You can rest assured that any purchase you make was manufactured using environmentally-friendly methods.

Warm and welcoming, the employees are happy to talk to customers about knitting projects and to make recommendations. For both beginners and more experienced knitters, Vagabond offers a knitting circle every Monday night. You can also get private lessons for $15 per session.

In the back of Vagabond is Emilove, a designer clothier which opened on First Friday this past March. The owner, Emily Geddes, designs most of the clothes herself and puts all of them together by hand. Everything is made with natural fibers, which are comfier, less stainable and better for the environment than manmade fabrics. And nothing is made with Third World labor. Even taking this hard work into account, no garment costs more than $200. With bright and trendy goods, Emily hopes to support Philly's "creative community" with her work.

Today's feminist knows how to dress and can knit up a storm. Vagabond and Emilove women's rights with every stitch -- and allow the Philly fashionable to dress well in good conscience.


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