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Anne Henochowicz


Petty theft

Kenneth Goldsmith is uniquely unoriginal. Among his published works are Fidget, an account of every movement his body made for 13 hours on Bloomsday, 1997, and Soliloquy, a record of everything he said during one week.

This land is their land

Five years ago, Wharton grad Gregg Spiridellis and his brother Evan founded a tiny little entertainment company called JibJab.

Snead, the one with the dogs

Walk West over the bridge on the Walk. Stop in front of Commons. Now look to your right at the quaint little house next to the frat.

She loves all y'all

She likes to party. She really likes fried chicken. And she loves you. Anita Whitley has been swiping cards and taking names for 32 years.

Technicolor Spree

24 smiling white-robed musicians belting sunny verses and playing instruments like guitars and French horns.

Keeping it Simple?

Once a near-popstar, jaded by his brush with "careerist music," Simple Kid is now a one-man act who writes and composes.

Survivor: Sushi

All-you-can-eat sushi for $20. Sounds too good to be true? I won't lie: Aoi serves up a mean buffet, along with some complicated bills. he restaurant looks humble enough on the outside.

'Street' Meets 'Street'

On Sunday, the beloved TV series Sesame Street kicked off its 35th anniversary season with Sesame Street Presents: The Street We Live On. Teaching the preschool basics with wit and warmth, Sesame Street has inspired millions of children, parents, grandparents and second-childhood college students.


Knitting is back. Women who burned their bras in the '70s now join knitting circles; the knitting guidebook Stitch 'N Bitch sells out at Urban Outfitters.

Pickles are green

Betsy Ross made a statement with original fabric designs. Her spirit lives on a few doors down from her now historical house, in a little shop where women declare their independence from Prada and Vuitton.
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