The Story of the Weeping Camel is a German quasi-documentary filmed in Mongolia's Gobi Desert. This sensitive film depicts a southern Mongolian camel-raising family assisting their herd with the seasonal birth of their colts. The story focuses on the plight of one unfortunate colt: a small, weak albino camel whose mother chooses not to accept him as her offspring. Rightly fearing that the baby camel's death is imminent without the physical and emotional nourishment of his mother, the family goes to great lengths to help the mother bond with her colt.

Do not send this movie to the dustbin with those lofty National Geographic films which consistently do well with critics at international film festivals. If you usually find this genre to be a sleepy one, The Story of the Weeping Camel will keep you alert.

The fascinating backdrop of Mongolian desert life is at least as fascinating as the main plot of the film itself. The overarching theme of this film is familial love. The filmmakers are incredibly deft and subtle in juxtaposing the love of the farming family with the love (or tear-jerking lackthereof) of the camels.

You may never think of National Geographic films the same way again.


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