National Lampoon has been marketing this slightly smarmy, dare I say clever, white guy hero for decades. The line of films they have prduced, ranging from Animal House to Gold Diggers, really must be attributed to something akin to a degenerative disease. Will Friedel? It is a stretch to say that they rescued Ryan Reynolds from the charred remnants of his ABC sitcom, but the idiotic Eric Matthews from Boy Meets World is beyond salvation.

This movie employs many a wacky comedic element. Even the film's geriatric Asians and fortune-making condom industries don't enable it to overcome its lack of basic comedic delivery -- so who cares if the Asian guy wears a rice paddy hat in a wedding scene?

Most surprising, however, was the omission of the perfunctory "dropped the soap" lines when the main characters wind up in prison. Such restraint is curious from a film that employs a jive-talking reverend.

My only compliments go to the guys who worked on marketing for this so-called-movie. Your talents will probably allow this film to recoup 10-15% of its cost. Special notice goes to your posters, which emphasize boobs over comedy.


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