Aliens of the Deep would've been better in 3-D. The IMAX film follows producer/director James Cameron as he befriends a team of marine biologists as well as NASA scientists and travels to tectonic fault lines at the bottom of the ocean. No sunlight goes that deep, so the organisms that have developed there produce energy in ways unlike any animal ever encountered. The environment in these underwater canyons may be similar to those on other planets, so if NASA ever finds life in space, it may look a lot like what's in this film.

In other words, the movie is a lot like science class. The images are really cool, but there are more shots of the people and the submarines than the fish. In the end it's like every other IMAX movie: pretty awesome to watch, if you can endure the boring explanations, a generic narrative and gimmicky computer-generated graphics without eating your own brains (or simply falling asleep).

But the worst part of the film is the "dialogue." For instance, "I like big operations, but this one was off the hook," "That is the bomb," and "Holy pancakes, Batman." Yes, "Holy pancakes, Batman." There's nothing worse than geeky scientists trying to sound cool.

No matter how cheesy Aliens may be, it's still better than Cameron's "Best Picture," Titanic. It's better to watch amorphous blobs floating in the ocean than Leonardo DiCaprio any day.


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