Kevin Lo

The Postal Service "We Will Become Silhouettes" Video

If I can't have Jenny Lewis, I suppose Ben Gibbard should. In this delightful video, Lewis is the perfect midwestern mom -- making music in the living room and packing sack lunches for the kids before a brisk bike ride into the mountains. Suddenly, the whole family is wearing Polyphonic Spree robes and eating fruit leather. If that's not a perfect image for an ethereal song, try Gibbard in a Creamsicle-colored polo with his collar popped.

Eugenia Salvo

Brendan Benson The Alternative to Love

There comes a point in every person's life when they realize the only reason they had a crush on someone was because that someone was sort of a dick to them. Realistically, if they had been nice, there's no way the attraction would have existed. So, when that day comes -- when you realize that you are the Screech to their Lisa Turtle -- pop in The Alternative to Love. Not just because it's a fantastic pop record, and not just because it gets better every time you listen to it, but because for those 40 minutes that you're listening, you are nothing but a slave to the music. Losing control of yourself suddenly becomes not so bad.

Yona Silverman Any music from Scrubs NBC, Tuesdays

When I started watching Scrubs last month, I sort of wondered why I hadn't watched it before. Then I remembered that I had been in Israel the year it started. The thing is, the music on Scrubs is like that on Garden State's soundtrack, but it's really good. Jeremy Kay's "Overkill" is great. Joshua Radin's "Winter" is awesome. I download episodes and fall asleep to them, just to hear the songs. I mean, I downloaded the songs themselves too, but I like Scrubs: Zach Braff's cute.


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