Let's face it. No hour spent waiting in the airport is a Happy Hour. They know you're trapped, and don't feel the need to entice you with any specials. But if you need a little something to calm your nerves before a flight, Jet Rock Bar and Grill will make you just a little happier any time of day.

Drink: For the beer lovers among you, Jet Rock boasts an impressive 48 beers on tap. Those favoring something a little fruitier will love their featured drinks like the "Big O" with Bacardi O, banana liquor, Sierra Mist and orange juice. The "Starbucks Mud Slide" with Stoli, Bailey's, Starbucks coffee liquor and ice cream, is dessert in a glass.

Food: An all-American menu with large portioned staples such as a classic Reuben and a fajita chicken sandwich, as well as salads for the health-conscious traveler. The to-go counter has tasty lookin' pizza and hot dogs, for the non-health-conscious traveler.

Ambience: In the dining area, rock and roll posters and memorabilia cover every surface, reminiscent of a low-budget Hard Rock Cafe. The bar area is more sports themed, thanks to the panoramic photos of Philadelphia stadiums and a wall of eight TVs all tuned in to games and news.

Clientele: It's an airport. From daily commuters to tourists straight off the duck boats, everyone's grumpy and just waiting to get home. You can tell how long one's flight has been delayed by the number of empty glasses on the counter before them. But after a couple of pints, single travelers seated at the bar seem to make friends and commiserate together.


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