1 http://myspike.wharton.upenn.eduBooking those ridiculous study rooms in Huntsman Hall sometimes needs to be done weeks in advance.

2 PDAs Keep all those networking events straight and remember that FNCE 207 comes before FNCE 203. Just don't become so distracted by your handheld brain that you walk into the Huntsman doors -- that won't do much for the pride.

3 TissueTo wipe the brown off your nose.

4 "Wall Street" SuitWhether you wear it to an interview (impress the interviewer), to office hours (impress your professor), to class (impress your rivals-I mean classmates) or just on the Walk (impress those lazy non-Whartonites), you need to practice for the future.

5 Multiple ConcentrationsOne is not enough. Everyone else is doing at least two. Everyone else.


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