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Evangel Fung


A "Touch" of Success

Pushing through the heavy glass double doors of Hunstman Hall in a neat business suit, Sean Koh hardly stands out from his Wharton peers.

Celeb Blogs Review

www.thesuperficial.com I thought I was too smart to be wasting time on tabloids but I laughed so hard I think I squeezed out some IQ points.

Top 5 wharton must haves

1 http://myspike.wharton.upenn.eduBooking those ridiculous study rooms in Huntsman Hall sometimes needs to be done weeks in advance. 2 PDAs Keep all those networking events straight and remember that FNCE 207 comes before FNCE 203.

Who's Who at home

More than Swedish pancakes, ABBA or those giant fair isle ski sweaters, Sweden has given us one glorious gift: Ikea.

The lure of Lore's

Chocolate and coffee smells wafted onto the sidewalk as I stood before Lore's. I chose the door to the left and entered a small, cozy shop decorated with vintage posters, where offerings included all the caffeinated basics and a few baked goods.
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