I thought I was too smart to be wasting time on tabloids but I laughed so hard I think I squeezed out some IQ points. "Britney Spears Goes Braless" featured pictures of a fat Britney bouncing around with commentary: "The miracle of life! The miracle of life!"


All pink and flashy, this site features a search function, a disclaimer and even a shop. The spelling ("fukc") and grammar were especially vomit-inducing with text like: "Now that Jakey is finally free from the witch's spell, whom would ya'll like to see him date?"


Less wit and more pictures of girls and their boobs, with headlines like "Lindsay Lohan Cleavage" and "Rachel Nichols Bikini Pictures." This site also provides links to other celebrity blog sites.


Similar to egotastic: less acerbic, less entertaining, with an affinity for girls and boobs. This one also tries its hand at morals.


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