When one thinks about Germany, wine doesn't immediately come to mind. That's disappointing because this 2005 Riesling provides a lighter, more energetic option for those white wine enthusiasts on campus. The wine's bright, fruity flavors (mainly apple and apricot) conjure up memories of the long since gone warm weather. In comparison to typical French or Italian whites, this Riesling is far less dry. However, the aftereffects are very pleasant and it leaves no residue in the mouth.

At only 9.5% alcohol as opposed to the typical 13%, the Riesling may not be able to handle all your pre-gaming needs. That being said, in most instances Riesling is best experienced with a pork or duck dish. Boldly disregarding this advice, my roommates and I opted to enjoy the bottle while taking in the cinematic masterpiece that is The Fifth Element. Just as we anticipated, the two went quite well together.

Next time you're at 41st and Market, look for the $8.99 bright blue bottle. Maybe you too can have a Riesling companion for your next Bruce Willis flick.


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