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Greg Moran



From Cadillacs to breasts to amber waves of grain, most Americans subscribe to the notion that bigger is always better.

Death by Chocolate

If asked, a majority of Penn students would probably say that life's greatest pleasures are sex and alcohol.

Hamburger rations were always the fashions

With pizza, gyros and salads abound, Penn students can be hard-pressed to find a local eatery that provides quality burgers.

Wine of the week

When one thinks about Germany, wine doesn't immediately come to mind. That's disappointing because this 2005 Riesling provides a lighter, more energetic option for those white wine enthusiasts on campus.

Korean Eats on Sansom Street

Simple, good Korean food. This refreshingly straightforward approach to cuisine is always a welcome sight in a city that idolizes the elaborate and uber-trendy.

Turner classic

Strap on your cowboy boots everyone because Ted's Montana Grill has officially invaded Philadelphia.

Steak your claim

Gianna's Grille (507 S. 6th St.), $5.95 I urge you to take a detour down this tiny side street in search of paradise on a hoagie roll.

Trouble in Taradise

For the alpha male, nothing is more appealing than a perpetually inebriated blonde who's drunker than a Mississippi sheriff and looser than a Playboy Bunny.

Something old, 'something new'

In Something New, first-time director Sanaa Hamri makes an admirable effort to increase discourse on the perpetually controversial topic of race.

Dept. of interracial relations

Kriss Turner's breakthrough screenplay Something New proves to be a breath of fresh air in multiple ways.

Cozy up with your Pumpkin

Highlights: BYOB Innovative seasonal menu Intimate setting Drawbacks: In this tiny dining room, you might feel too intimate with neighboring tables Price ranges: Appetizers $8.75-10 Entrees $18-24 Any Philadelphian will tell you that BYOBs in their city are about as common as seeing the Yankees in the postseason.

Shake it up

Occupying the corner of 6th and Fitzwater, Salt & Pepper provides a welcome addition to the Sunday brunch scene.

Peter Boyle, renaissance man

I just wanted to keep working," says Everybody Loves Raymond star Peter Boyle about his long and successful acting career.

Chef Poon shows his stuff

It's not often that one sits down to an extravagant four-course meal in a master chef's kitchen, but this is just one of many unique elements about Chef Poon's Kitchen Table.

Sunday Luxe

Some things in life are just worth the price. For $46, gastronomes can experience a transcendental state at Lacroix at the Rittenhouse.

Aussie Fusion

Upon entering owner Leslie Spellman's Bridgewater's Pub, one immediately becomes oblivious to the 30th Street Station surroundings -- that is, until a traveling salesman brushes against you with his bloated briefcase, and you realize you are really situated in a train station and not a posh Center City eatery.

We aren't waiting for godot

Novice director Rob McKittrick's new film Waiting... signals yet another addition to the "frat pack" genre.
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