With pizza, gyros and salads abound, Penn students can be hard-pressed to find a local eatery that provides quality burgers. Look no further than Copabanana for a fine sample of your all-American meal. While much of the menu features a Caribbean/Mexican flare, the 8 oz. sirloin burgers are well worth their $8.45 price tag.

The true novelty of Copa's burger creations lies in the wide array of toppings that include blue cheese and hot sauce, guacamole and salsa, and jerk chicken with mango chutney. In total, Copa offers eleven possible topping options- but be careful, because if you try them all you'll rack up a huge tab. The blue cheese and bacon burger is the best combination Copa has to offer. The perfectly crisped bacon and crumbled blue cheese complemented each other quite well, even though more cheese may be needed. The sirloin itself was extremely flavorful and the 8 oz. will more than satisfy those with large appetites.

A true burger connoisseur may complain that Copa's definition of medium is more like medium-well. Nonetheless, the burger still maintained its natural flavor and was not dried out. The Spanish fries (50 cents extra), served with grilled hot peppers and onions, round out the perfect burger.

Copabanana 4000 Spruce St. (215) 382-1330


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