Who says a light bulb can't cook brownies? Well, naysayers be amazed. The Easy-Bake Oven, a stunning new invention, is on shelves nationwide.

Little girls (and boys) everywhere are finally being given the chance to exercise their inner homemaker. This miniaturized cooking device comes with small pans, baking mixes and other cooking utensils to bring the joy of cooking to the lives of many.

I know what you're thinking: "Won't I scorch my little fingers off with that steaming-hot oven?" While parental guidance is suggested, this patented design poses very little risk by using a high-wattage cooking light bulb to bring their tiny treats to a golden brown.

Children can learn valuable life lessons as they sit for approximately two hours waiting for their treats to cook through. Such an exercise will double as a learning device by teaching them that good things come to those who wait and that immediate gratification leads to childhood obesity (Put that down, little porker. It's hot!).

Don't think for a second that this amazing new technology is only available to children. Adults can explore their inner child by popping a tiny pan of chocolate cake into their pink plastic oven, followed by a session of icing and sprinkle decoration. What says relaxation more than a palm-sized personal cake made just for you?

Whether you're four or forty, tiny baked goods just never get old.

Here's an easy recipe for miniature brownies that's sure to be a crowd pleaser (as long as it's a crowd of one):

1 Easy-Bake Oven complete with high-wattage cooking light bulb

1 pack of brownie mix (labeled conspicuously in pink/purple print)

Approximately three tablespoons of water

Tiny baking pan

Mix ingredients in a small finger-bowl. Pour batter into pan. Bake as long as you can stand it. Enjoy!


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