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Kristen Franke


Swine '09

I didn’t go to class last week. A disclaimer: I’m not one of those people — the kind who view lectures and seminars as obstacles to “experiencing college.” I love my classes.

Fish of the Future

Good sushi in Philadelphia is not hard to come by. Many Penn students may be wary of going farther than 37th St.

Hot, Cheap and Sticky Sweet

You don’t go to Yue Kee because you’re in a rush. You don’t go if you want a casual conversation with the person at the window, either.

For Richer or Pourer

Until 1977, the traffic-ridden corner of 38th and Ludlow was little more than a gathering place for the mentally insane.

Hot 'n' Spicy

The location of Penn’s Korean/Japanese food cart (and arguably Penn’s best food cart overall) is ideal for two rather large groups of Penn students: Huntsmanites and Pottruck-loyalists.

Mamma Mia, How Can I Resist You?

The Christmas lights outlining the shuttered windows of Anthony and Michael Companga’s Italian BYOB, Ava, were warm and welcoming upon our snowy arrival at the restaurant.

College is for Kids

Freshman year was a simpler time. Your room was the size of a closet, heat was free and, most importantly, Mom and Dad couldn’t yell at you to pick up your shit.

Defibrillator: The Band, "Jericho" (1993)

Listening to Jericho while driving with my dad through Ohio tobacco country, the dash of country girl in me comes alive.

Pearls and Pierogies, 19 Floors Up

Chef de cuisine of XIX, Marc Plessis, experiments with original ingredients little-known in Philadelphia from atop the Park Hyatt on Broad Street.

Late Night Dining (and boozing) outside of your comfort zone

Millcreek Tavern Where: 4200 Chester Ave. (a block past Baltimore) Contact: (215) 222-1255 Reason to go: Mondays.

Can I Get An Amen?

When something is published in The New York Times, it’s safe to assume its legitimacy. But when 20 so-called “Miracle Fruit” arrived in my mailbox two weeks ago, the Times article seemed more like a nutty fairytale.

Bringing Down the House

Ellen Yin, co-owner of Fork restaurant in Old City and author of the cookbook/memoir Forklore: Recipes and Tales From an American Bistro, remembers being a freshman at Penn.

Root for it

Christopher Hora, executive chef and owner of Root, is one of the most well-traveled people I have ever met.

Where The Devil Goes On Sundays

Devil's Alley Bar and Grill 1907 Chestnut Street (215) 751-0707 With high, industrial-style ceilings, walls of exposed brick and concrete and a name to make any customer feel a little bit badass, Devil's Alley's primary role as a late-night hot spot proved pretty obvious.

Dining on X Dollars Per Day

$10 For breakfast, schlep over to Einstein's for a toasted bagel with some schmear (for all the non-Jews, this is flavored cream cheese), which will run $2.39.

Beer 'n' Chocolate

Have you seen columnist Lisa Morrison's online piece on the hottest couple around? Most likely not. Here's the gist of it: beer and chocolate are gaining popularity as the newest "it-couple." A seemingly unlikely combination, beer connoisseurs from all over the country are realizing the duo's incredible potential as a tasty winter treat.

Word on the Street

It's always fascinated me to see just how long Penn students will wait in line. Whether it's at Smoke's, a random frat party or the two-and-a-half block queue to get into this year's Player's Ball athletic formal, girls willingly expose their legs to the below freezing winds while their dates contemplate the pros and cons of busting out their wallets for speedier service.

The Food Geek

Ever considered scrapping your i-banking ambitions in favor of a less traditional (read: more awesome) career?

1956: Mini brownies

Who says a light bulb can't cook brownies? Well, naysayers be amazed. The Easy-Bake Oven, a stunning new invention, is on shelves nationwide. Little girls (and boys) everywhere are finally being given the chance to exercise their inner homemaker.

Recipe of the Week

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