For breakfast, schlep over to Einstein's for a toasted bagel with some schmear (for all the non-Jews, this is flavored cream cheese), which will run $2.39.

As soon as you get out of your morning classes, run over to the Hemo's food cart - a Penn classic - for the finest chicken sandwich West of the Schuylkill, for just $3.75. Don't forget to ask for the secret Hemo's sauce.

You have about $3.86 left over. Check out Abner's, the place that's right next to the upscale strip joint Atlantis (formerly known as Wizzards). While I would normally get a cheesesteak, you can't pass up a $3.50 burger.


Hit up Metropolitan Bakery at 40th and Walnut for their famous French berry roll and a small 12 oz café au lait as a part of your morning routine. Just $4.70 and you're staying classy.

If you have a microwave or a stove, Trader Joe's down at 22nd and Market is full of easy meals ranging from $2.99 pad thai to $4.99 chicken enchiladas. You can also buy a bag of spring mix for less than $3 if you're worried about getting your veggies.

For dinner, head down to our favorite on-campus pub, New Deck Tavern on 34th and Sansom. You can't go wrong with their tasty Irish classics like shepherd's pie for $9.25.


The eclectic and cozy Café Pier One at 45th and Baltimore has an incredible make-your-own omelet deal for breakfast. Grab a hot chocolate made with real chocolate bars, and you're safely under 10 bucks.

Koch's Deli is one of the tastiest dining options West Philly has to offer. At their cozy location at 43rd and Locust, you won't spend more than $12 on a monstrous sandwich (made with tasty cold cuts and fresh bread) and a milkshake made with Philly's own Breyers ice cream for lunch.

Everyone loves Gia Pronto, especially those chopped salads full of anything and everything you have ever loved about food. Depending on how much you pile on top, you can spend anywhere from $10-$15, including the price of a drink (they even have San Pellegrino Aranciata, an irresistible sparkling orange beverage).


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