Yes we did. Our votes counted, our voices were heard. For a Democrat like myself, Tuesday night was a true triumph.

Though the elephants among us may be sore, even they can see far enough beyond their trunk to acknowledge that Obama’s success is significant — and not just for the obvious “firsts” that his election hails. The army of supporters who recruited, organized and tirelessly canvassed is indicative of a mass political engagement that has been lacking for too long. Whatever your party, such movement cannot help but be moving.

And now I am asking all of you, readers, to mobilize for another cause: Street. President-elect Obama is proof that you can do it. Make your voice heard: Street wants YOU to send in shoutouts.

But not just any shoutouts, please; Dartmouth challenged us to beat their student voter turnout, and I challenge you to send in fantastic shoutouts. Make them sharp. Make them impressive in quality and in quantity.

By the way: being a freshman is no excuse. Nor is claiming "you don't know how." Whether you are new to shoutouts or just bad at writing them, we've got ya covered: check out the guide — with samples! — that Low Brow made just for you (see page 19).

With such instructions, there is no reason not to submit. And why wouldn’t you? This is your post-election chance to bring the issues you care most about to the public. This is your chance to be published… anonymously. This is your chance to tell that special someone that you’ve found someone more special, and it’s their roommate. Because such sentiments should be shared with the world.

So mark your calendars: shoutouts are due by Friday, November 14 to This is Penn, after all: it is the duty of every student to exercise their right to shout.

Here’s to you,