Street: Of all the OTB-wannabes on campus, why did you make the cut? Maggie Nyce: I have a nose ring. Larry Crane-Moscowitz: I released my inner angsty emo kid from Jersey. Max Glass: I sound like Johnny Cash. Jess Leifer: I do a mean bass, which I showcased while doing a cover of Coolio’s “Gangsta’s Paradise.”

Street: What is your pre-show ritual? Will Green: Flo Rida, Low Riders, Get High, High Tops, Carrot Top, Carrot Juice, Jews.

Street: Sex & drugs are to rock ‘n’ roll as what & what are to a capella. Blake Feldman: Sex & drugs. Nate Budischak: Sex & drugs. Larry: Sex & drugs. Hannah Platt: Water & Mucinex.

Street: If you were to rename the group, what name would you choose? Josh Rittenberg: The Multi Racial Electric Roller Boogie Experience Part VI Will: The Angela Lansbury Good Time 100% Natural Family Band Solution. Max: Anything but “Pennyloafers.” Hannah: On The Beat.

Street: What does your body language on stage say about you? Blake: I am really, really sorry for showering the other members of the group while percussing. Josh: I would say it screams humility. Larry: Egotist, huge egotist. Will: I really, really thought she was 18. And in retrospect I see that she wasn’t. And that she was a he. Jung-Hyun Kim: I actually black out on stage. Max: Everything my voice doesn’t.

Street: Describe your on-stage dance moves in three words or less. Maggie: Groove with me. Will: Stealth. Action. Terror. Angelee Mantecon: Enthusiastic and cute. Larry: Bouncy hands.

Street: If a reverse a capella group was formed and used exclusively instruments to mimic vocals, what instrument would play your part, and why? Larry: Piccolo. It’s like Michael Jackson pre-puberty. Will: An entire section of mouth-triangles devoted to recapturing my monotone sound. Jung-Hyun: Cowbell. Everyone wants more. Max: The talk-box. Snoop Dog, Stevie Wonder and that guy from the Geico commercials can’t be wrong. Nate: Timbaland. (Does he count as an instrument?)

Street: In what ways has learning to beat-box impacted your social life? Will: One time at Smoke's I did a high crash cymbal and a girl literally put her fingers in my mouth. Jess: I have no idea how to beat box, but one time Will was beat-boxing at Smoke’s and a girl literally put her fingers in his mouth.

Street: What’s your beef with instruments? Hannah: You have to learn how to play them. Josh: I don’t know how to play any. Maggie: I can’t play any. Blake: I have no beef with instruments.

Street: Share your hopes and dreams and the ways in which a capella will help you achieve them. Blake: I have learned how to sing at any time of day, no matter how sick I am. As an aspiring nurse, I guess this doesn’t help me at all. Jung-Hyun: I want to have a family of singers. Max: It’s my dream to one day sing the theme song for Folgers or the Carmen Sandiego game show — these are pretty much the best ways to get noticed... right?

Show: “The Craaaaaannne Mo Head Band (ft. R. Kelly)” Friday March 20th, 7:00PM and Saturday March 21st, 6:30 PM Irvine Auditorium (34th and Spruce) Tickets: $8 on Locust Walk, $10 at the door Fun Fact: OTB has been sued by R. Kelly (twice) and Justin Timberlake (once) since making their music available on iTunes in 2009. So get it before the FCC does!


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